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Contact Types

Online shops like Lazada and Zalora surely have a lot of options for you, but there’s that question again: What for? Perhaps it would be better if you first do your research on the types of contact lenses. The types of contact lenses according to function - Corrective contact lens, Multi-focal contact lens, X-Chrom contact lens, and Cosmetic contact lens.

Just like the online shops where you can use voucher code for Lazada or coupon codes for Amazon, Contact Lens Central also has special offer for new customers or first time buyers. They can get a free consultation and a voucher code for first purchase. You can use the voucher code to purchase contact lens. Just enter discount code on the check out form to activate discounts.



Contact lens, or simply, contact, is a thin lens that is placed just above the surface of the eye. They can be considered as medical instruments, insofar as they are used to correct vision, but they can also be considered cosmetic instruments, when they are used for beautification purposes. Aside from visiting our website, you can also shop contact lenses online using your mobile phone. Just download the app and install it on your phone. We also offer discounts for online shoppers so you have to know how to activate discounts on your phone like how to use aliexpress coupon in app.

Contact Lens Care

How to handle your contact lenses? Your contact lenses are much like animal companions - they need utmost care, too. Sure, they might not be alive or kicking in the same sense, but you have to admit how important they are, especially because you'll be using them for most of your life

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