Where is the BEST place to buy contact lenses?

 Some people like asking these sweeping questions like “Where would be the best place to buy this gadget?” “Where is the ONE place where I can get the best materials for cooking?” And contact lenses are no different. People also like asking this question on contact lenses, trying to figure out where the best place would be to purchase contact lenses. The concern is understandable, especially with the onset of online shops like Lazada and Zalora, plus the offers of one to shop online using discounts. It might seem that the option of buying from your drugstore is already out of the window – but is it, really?

Things to Consider When Thinking of Where to Buy Your Contacts

Consider availability

Your needs being met is dependent on whether or not that shop has your need in stock. The nearest contact lens shop, or the cheapest discount your promo codes can give you – any of these would be useless if their stocks aren’t the kind you need.

Consider customer service

Are you being treated right? Are your needs being addressed accordingly? Or are the sales personnel rude and uncaring? If you have a negative experience with customer service, it would probably be best to reconsider, mainly because that could already be ‘company culture’ (or lack thereof), and you certainly don’t want to keep coming back to a place where you aren’t treated with respect.

Consider convenience

If your time matters to you, and you really don’t like having to travel very far just to go get your pair of contacts, then traveling miles and miles to the nearest drug store might not really be the best solution. Explore the magic of the Internet and try to shop online for your contact lens needs.

Consider price

Admit it to yourself – your pockets are not bottomless. Your budget, similar to your spouse’s temper, also has its limits. And it’s always best to determine these limits early on (and it’s not just about your spouse’s temper), mainly because the limits also tell you how far you are willing to spend on them.