How to Handle Your Contact Lenses Contact Lenses Just For You!

Yes, your contact lenses need care, too

Your contact lenses are much like animal companions – they need utmost care, too. Sure, they might not be alive or kicking in the same sense, but you have to admit how important they are, especially because you’ll be using them for most of your life. So it’s good to get this one thing straight: they might not be alive, but you are, so taking care of your contacts would also mean taking care of yourself. Right after having bought them online with your voucher codes and coupon codes, or after buying them from your favorite pharmacy, you also know how to take good care of them. You have to make sure that you purchased the right contact lens for your eyes. Visit the shop and get discounts for your first purchase.

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Concrete Tips for Contact Lens Care

So without further ado, here are a few tips for taking care of and handling your contact lenses.

Of course, you have to make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before applying your contact lenses. It would also do you a lot of good to avoid scented or oily soaps, mainly because they might adhere to the lens surface. Products to strictly avoid: those products containing lanolin and moisturizing lotions.

Here’s also an interesting tip from some eye doctors. They say it would be good to always apply the first contact lens in the same eye, so you can avoid the possibility of mixing up lenses for the right eye and left eye.

Remember that you should never use your fingers to take out your contact lenses as they might get damaged. Shake them loose from your container.

A sleight of hand trick: slide the lens out of its case and into the palm of your hand. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly with the appropriate contact lens solution, already included in your kit.

Place the contact lens on the tip of your index or middle finger, but note that this finger should be totally dry.

Those were just a few tips on how to handle your contact lenses. Needless to say, it also takes a lot meticulous work and care, which just underscores the fact that it really is no easy task. To shift from plain eyeglasses to contact lenses requires a great degree of adjustment which you might want to consider carefully. The key is to always know what you need and want, and ask yourself if you’re ready for the responsibilities that are entailed by the decision you are about to make.